An undisputed advantage of an infrared operated system offered by our company is the ability to undergo shooting trainings not only by the usage of real guns, but also through so called infrared operated guns (no bullets included) by the usage of an invisible laser beam. In this situation, shooting imitates the behaviour of normal guns, whereas the costs of such a training go down near to zero.

This kind of system perfectly works during pace trainings or behavior-situation trainings, in which the most important part is correct recognition and stress control.

On the scheme beside, a possible room plan designed for shooting training by the usage of IST system is visualized.

Practice shows that in most cases the usage of a small, portable steering device is much more efficient; the surface of the operator rooms may be used to increase the overall length of the shooting range. There are also numerous possibilities to install IST devices. The projector, together with the detection camera may be mounted permanently to the ceiling so that a lot of movement freedom is obtained in case of typical, dynamic shooting.