IST is the first Interactive Shooting Trainer not only designed, but also produced in Poland. The production and sale of the product is done by the company Blue Box Grzegorz Kowalski from Lodz.

The Innovative system IST contains newest technology allowing effective precision improvement, faster reaction, concentration on a given task and efficient usage of guns by the military, police, border guards and other services. The same characteristics may be developed by anyone, to whom shooting is only a passion allowing active time spending.

IST is a computer based audio-visual system, allowing to carry out shooting training in real-life conditions, where the target (standard targets, figures, armed criminals, …) is being shown on a special screen. The training is carried out in safe conditions with the usage of real guns (pistols, rifles, machine pistols, …) or infrared operated guns.

The solutions used in the IST system make systematic and progressive training possible starting from the simplest exercises by the usage of infrared operated guns (see: “Infrared operated system”), or real live-fire.

IST is a tested, intuitive system, not requiring any special preparation from it’s user. Nevertheless, in case of any problems, BLUE BOX is ready to grant any required help